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    Specialist piano removals in Adelaide

    For many removal firms, the sight of a piano is their worst nightmare!

    At Adelaide Northern Removals, we specialise in piano removals and moving other large, fragile or precious items.

    Pianos present a unique challenge to removalists because they are large, heavy, awkwardly shaped, and yet extremely delicate. Moving a piano takes time, special care, expert handling and a knowledge of the item itself. Adelaide Northern Removals can move pianos and organs of all sizes from smaller upright pianos to full-size concert grand pianos that can weigh in excess of 500kgs. Successful relocation of such items takes skill, time, and thorough planning, and our dedicated team possess that special magic required to be able to get large items through narrow doorways, up steep staircases and around tight corners with ease.

    We offer specialist piano removals in Adelaide. These items pose unique challenges for removalists, as they are very fragile yet extremely bulky and difficult to manoeuvre. As part of our commitment to providing the top furniture removals in Adelaide , we have the experienced and capable team who can handle your piano with expert care. Similarly bulky items, such as pool tables or antique furniture, are no problem for our elite team of movers. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch to learn more about our professional furniture removalist Adelaide service .

    Specialists in moving large and awkward items

    As well as pianos, we have a reputation for being the team who can move the things that others can’t. Other large and valuable items we are regularly called on to relocate include:

    • Pool and snooker tables
    • Spas
    • Antique furniture
    • And much more

    Fully insured piano removal

    We handle every single item entrusted to us as if it were our own. Our team respect all property and are committed to getting them to their new home in immaculate condition. However, we are fully insured for absolute peace of mind and we are covered by transit and public liability insurance.

    If you need to move a piano or any other special item,

    call Adelaide Northern Removals today on 0405 285 285 .

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